About us

A young company with a heart towards promoting creativity, vibrancy and cultures from around the world, Earthen Creed was founded in 2015 from our love of artwork and a passion to bring forward the immense beauty and talent that resides in so many far flung areas of the world. A lot of these art forms are fading out which sparked a desire in us to try and conserve these heritages and help them thrive again. As art enthusiasts and curators, we blend our ideas with the artists and artisans in trying to bring the beauty of hand crafted designs to people.  We have always appreciated the hard work that goes into creating a piece of art. In our endeavor of art and artistry, we have set a unique outlook in using art as not just something to be hung up on a wall but as something that becomes a part of your own unique identity. It ignites a way of becoming a means of expressing yourself. With this thought, we started looking at blending art with textile to make it a unique form of wearable art. Here we have brought to you scarves that offer just this. With buying a hand crafted piece, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you have a unique item in your hands. We are proud to bring forward the exclusivity of each scarf that is completely handwoven from thread to finished product and has its beauty further enhanced by the hand painting or hand embroidery that weaves an additional layer of exquisiteness to each piece.

Please enjoy our collection!