A Jamdani Journey

Whether you want to make a style statement or just be a little snug, there is no accessory better than a scarf. With that love of scarves burning in our hearts, we founded Earthen Creed about 4 years ago. Since then we have not only met connoisseurs of beautiful handwoven scarves who have the same eye to beauty for a handloomed scarf but also found ourselves immersed in the world of understanding the intricacies tied to the weaving of a work of art. We have been fortunate to delve in fabrics ranging from cottons, silk, wools, cashmeres to blends. We have also been able to bring scarves that are not just handwoven but also handpainted to add another level of sensitivity to the fabric. In the process we have also worked with a wide range of styles like Batik and Jamdani to make every scarf unique and distinct. One of our wishes has always been to put a face behind the creation. In the process of getting to know the artisans and artists we have been so fortunate to work with, we decided to take a trip to meet the people whose hands have starched, colored, spun and lovingly woven the scarves thread by thread that we are able to bring to you. We visited these simple people who painstakingly with an eye towards every detail weave these scarves everyday. When we entered the village, we were greeted by a patterned beat from every home. It was intriguing and equally soothing. As we walked from house to house to meet the artisans and to understand every step of the process, we were increasingly amazed as to how these fabrics come to life under the watchful eyes and the experienced hands of these artisans. Today, we launch our first video of our visit that gives you a glimpse into the weaving lifecycle of a Jamdani scarf that we are so proud to bring to you and the scarf that you are buying to help support these artisans. This weaving technique is sadly slowly disappearing as the generation that practiced it is shrinking. With your help we can continue our endeavor to keep these artisans working on this ancient weaving technique that has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage artform and keep it alive and thriving. Please enjoy the video and support our initiative!


The Earthen Creed team